favicon Who is St.Hellvis?

I am Stellan, a Swedish Sloyd and Art teacher by profession,
and a papertoy artist, wood toy crafter and jewellery designer by need of creative outflow.
I design, collect and build papertoys. I enjoy making customs of other artists creations and to design my own.



Are you famous?


Not yet but I’m working on it!
I have participated in some exhibitions:


St.Hellvis Papertoys

Show and workshop, Vadsbo Museum, Mariestad, Sweden
Hosted by Vadsbo Museum, Curated by Linda Svensson


Urban Paper Toy
Show and Workshop, Sauerland Museum, Arnsberg, Germany.
Hosted by Kunstsommer Arnsberg, Curated by Nick Knite
Shove it!
Skateboard and Papertoy exhibition, Polk County Heritage Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
Hosted by Three Eye Gallery, Curated by Garrison Beau Scott


Pimp my papertoy!
Paperpeople third issue. Papertoy exhibition and fund raiser., Pordenone, Italy



Anything else?


Yes! Be sure to check out the nice group I’m in, Urban Paper Collective.


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