I’m happy to announce that I am part of an amazing group called UPC (Urban Paper Collective).

We’re an international group with members from Sweden, France, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA and Indonesia who share a common passion for papertoys.
Some of us met up in Arnsberg, Germany last summer and decided to create the group and now we’re here!

On the page you’ll find a crisp new papertoy every month, which is for a limited time only and other goodies.

Wanna have some names?
Ok then, how about Nick Knite, ABZ, Tougui, Sal Azad, 3EyedBear, Cubeecraft, Merrci, Alex Gwynne, MCK and me. Also included are honorary member Marshall Alexander whom sadly enough retired from the papertoybuisness.

Now go and get yourself some nice fresh papertoys!  http://urbanpapercollective.com/