Hey hey hey!

I’m proud to say that I’m a part of the Shove It! exhibit that takes place in Des Moines this June!


The Shove It! exhibit aims to raise funds and awareness for an amazing civic project to bring the country’s largest free outdoor skatepark to downtown Des Moines.

The show will feature over 40 artists( for example Merrci, Nick Knite, ABZ, Marko Zubak, Matacho Descorp, Horrorwood and Jonny Chiba)  which has designed a skatedeck and a corresponding papertoy.

The Papertoy, the Baykid, is originally designed by BayKidDead, who also works as a curator for the show.

The show itself will occur at The polk county heritage gallery and be hosted by The eye gallery.


Cooking it down, YOU can own one of this awesome boards and papertoys! (I suggest that you choose mine! 😉 )


Here is the Kickstarter (fundraiser) for the event, where you can find all the boards (get mine!), papertoys and different ways to support this event.