No, I didn’t make this amazing papermodel. It’s just so cool that I have to post it.

For you who aren’t familiar with the castle, it’s a model from the film with the same name (Howl’s Moving Castle) by Hayao Miyazaki. It just happens to be one of my favourite Miyazaki films..
The model is from a book, now out of print, from Kodansha.
Copies of it can sometimes be found on eBay.

How long it takes to build it?? About 4 minutes and 46 seconds on YouTube, but a couple of weeks I guess..
The coolest part is that it’s also an automata with moving parts, like the mouth and turrets.

There are scans of this book floating around the net, it’s a bundle of 70 pages.
Yes I have it, yes I will build it…