• 2015/09/28  by Stellan

    A Hero For Syria pt.II

    The Bat is done!
    As I said in my last post (here) I was making a fundraiser project called “A Hero For Syria” and now it’s finished and the woodtoy is up for sale!
    I’m using Tradera, a Swedish eBay site, which has a built in link to Radiohjälpen.
    That way you all can see that I’m not keeping any money for my […]

  • 2015/09/09  by Stellan

    A hero for Syria.

    After seeing the picture of the poor syrian boy on the beach and reading/watching news about the refugee crisis in Syria, I decided to try do do something to raise some money.
    My new project is called ” A hero for Syria”.
    I am making a Batman woodtoy and I will put it up for sale on an auction on Tradera, a swedish sellingsite […]

  • 2014/11/28  by Stellan

    Black Friday sale!

    Black Friday sale in my Etsy-shop!!
    10% off with this couponcode: BLACKSTHELLVIS14
    Go! Shop! Share! Get some wood for X-mas!!

  • 2014/11/13  by Stellan

    Store is open!

    I opened a store on Etsy for my woodstuff.
    So far there are ony four folding-butterknives in it, but I plan to add more foldingknives and also my woodtoys!
    Be sure to check it out now and then!
    HERE it is!

  • 2014/10/29  by Stellan

    Butterfly Butterknives

    My new obsession is making foldingknives, butter foldingknives.
    It started with a thought at work, I’m a woodshop teacher,  how can I make the common butterknife more interresting or challenging to make for the students?
    It ended up with the folding butterknife

    One thing led to another…
    Here’s the butterflybutterkni […]

  • 2012/11/13  by Stellan

    Got wood? (again!)

    I made a new wood mechabunny!!
    This time it’s Nick Knites Mechabunny baby, and I finished mine before he released his paperversion for download! Haha!
    That’s something for the future. For now you just have to wait for the new batch of mBuns, Mecha 6.5, that’s soon to be released at his site: http://www.nickknite.comAnyh […]

  • 2012/05/08  by Stellan

    Ciggy Woodmouse

    I don’t just do papertoys, eventhough it might look like that.
    Meet Ciggy Woodmouse, handcarved by me.
    Yup, it’s a bit inspired by Frank Kozik..

    I might sell him…

  • 2012/03/24  by Stellan


    I love skulls! When I was a kid I drew skulls and when I grew up I bought t-shirts with skulls.
    Now I’m 40 and got a skull tattooed on my shoulder and I still draw skulls.
    Of course I made some skulls…
    Here’s a few.
    Silver, painted wood, lambbone

  • 2012/03/15  by Stellan

    Got wood?

    The amazing papercrafter Nick Knite have made a cool model, the Mecha Bunny.
    I made a custom version in wood.
    The body is made of aged birch, the legs and head of alder and the ears of plywood.
    Link to a bigger post on Nice Paper Toys: here!