• 2014/01/18  by Stellan

    I spilled my juice!

    I just had to make a lightly customed version of Merrci‘s wonderful new papertoy.
    What I discovered with children is that a kid in all white Polarbear suit, wouldn’t be so white after the costumeparty ended.
    So here you go, with permission of the talented Mr.Merrci,
    Download “I spilled my juice!”

  • 2014/01/10  by Stellan

    Zealot guard!

    I made a custom of the formidable Zealot Guard by ABZ from Oh-Sheet papertoys for the Artist Series 2.
    It’s a really nice toy and I’m proud to be in the same series as Merrci, Baykiddead and DMC.
    The toy is free to download from Oh-Sheet papertoys.
    Get it, build it, enjoy!

  • 2014/01/07  by Stellan

    The UPC is live and kicking!

    I’m happy to announce that I am part of an amazing group called UPC (Urban Paper Collective).
    We’re an international group with members from Sweden, France, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA and Indonesia who share a common passion for papertoys.
    Some of us met up in Arnsberg, Germany last summer and decided to cre […]