• 2015/02/10  by Stellan

    Pictures from the workshop and exhibition.

    Yesterday I held a loely little worshop to kick off my papertoy exhibition in Vadsbo Museum in Mariestad, Sweden.
    Here’s some pictures for those of you who didnt care to show up. 😉
    (Click pic for bigger view)
    Welcome to Vadsbo Museum!
    Ringmaster and Ninja Fingers
    All the Stompers!
    The Mariestad bot!
    The whole Ciggy-gang!
    F […]

  • 2015/02/08  by Stellan

    My first soloshow!!

    When you read this I’m in Mariestad, holding a papertoy workshop.
    I’m very proud to get the possibility to not only having a workshop but also launch my first soloexhibition in Vadsbo Museum in Mariestad.
    For this event I made a special custom of my ‘bot, the Mariestadbot.
    For you who can’t come, download and bui […]