2019/04/23  by Stellan


    I’m not completely gone.For the moment my Papertoy-section is under reconstruction.Check back soon!

    2016/09/09  by Stellan

    Why the silence??

    Hi friends!
    I’m sorry for not making any new paperstuff lately.
    Stuff is kinda complicated right now, but I will be back!
    Please take a look at my Facebook pages:
    St.Hellvis Papertoys
    Wood by St.Hellvis
    For the moment the Wood page is the most active.
    Thank you for your patience!

  • 2015/04/14  by Stellan

    Back up again!

    I’m back after the page got hacked.
    Nothing is gone, nothing is new.I really can’t tell what someone wanted with my page, but now it’s back to normal again.
    Just a little more protected, my highly proffessional friend Jurva over at Jufcorp helped me with that.
    Thanks a lot! I love you and you know it!
    So you hackers out […]

  • 2014/10/22  by Stellan


    Retweet by Max Andersson in person!
    To me, this is huge!

  • 2014/04/01  by Stellan

    April Fools Day!

    Today only!
    The April Fools Ciggy!
    Graphic design by Shin Tanaka, remodeled by me.
    Yes, Shin allowed me to use his AFD-sticker on this version of Ciggy.
    Thank you for that, Mr.Tanaka!
    Download it today! It will be gone tomorrow!
    Go here: AprilFoolsDay

  • 2014/03/12  by Stellan

    Hello! We’re the Ciggys!

    I hereby proudly introduce you to my new toy-series, Ciggy!
    Ciggy is a two-part toy. One part is body and the other is the head/insidebox.
    The Ciggybox is modeled after a standard cigarettepackage, and the idea is that this is a mix-and-match toy.
    I will come back with more bodies and boxes in the next series.
    The first series is all mine […]

  • 2014/02/20  by Stellan

    Blank Stomper!

    I finally fixed the blank stomper template!
    Stomper is my little lovechild and i would be very happy to see some other artist take the toy for a walz!
    Download the blank Stomper and have your way with him!
    Use whatever way you like to make a smashing Stomper of your own,
    when you’re done feel free to mail me a picture along with you […]

  • 2013/04/24  by Stellan

    The Backyard..

    I just want to introduce you to the Backyard of St.Hellvis.
    It’s a Tumbler-blog where various brickabrack piles up witch don’t have room or place in the House of St.Hellvis.
    Have a looksie!

  • 2013/03/04  by Stellan

    Hey! You found it!

    Welcome to the new page, but same old blog!
    Hope you like the new snazzy looks that my skilled friend Andreas Wieslander made!
    For the moment the page isn’t all done, there’s still some tweaks and stuff that will be made.
    The store isn’t here yet, but it will come…
    Have a look around and tell me what […]

  • 2013/01/30  by Stellan

    Dear friends!

    The last few days there been problem with downloading files from my page, this has been an issue due to changes on RapidShare. They made all files user-only and I had to unlock it for you.
    Issue is now solved and all my toys are ready for download again.