• 2015/01/22  by Stellan

    Welcome to Mariestad!

    I’m holding a workshop in Mariestad on the 9th of February. This is also the opening date on my first little solo exhibition, also in Mariestad.
    I also release my M-Bot (Mariestad-bot) on this page at the same time.
    Time for the workshop, Monday 9 Feb 12:00-15:00
    at Vadsbo Museum, Mariestad Sweden
    The papertoyexhibition stands from […]

  • 2013/05/31  by Stellan

    Spreading the disease!

    I held my first workshop for adults yesterday.
    My close to 60 colleagues in school was my guineapigs for this new experience, I showed off some of my toys, my homepage and then we built a couple of my customs.
    I chose my two Coobie customs, because they’re quiet easy to build and looks nice.
    The response was very positive! I hope I […]

  • 2013/04/24  by Stellan

    The Backyard..

    I just want to introduce you to the Backyard of St.Hellvis.
    It’s a Tumbler-blog where various brickabrack piles up witch don’t have room or place in the House of St.Hellvis.
    Have a looksie!

  • 2013/03/07  by Stellan

    Shove It!

    Hey hey hey!
    I’m proud to say that I’m a part of the Shove It! exhibit that takes place in Des Moines this June!
    The Shove It! exhibit aims to raise funds and awareness for an amazing civic project to bring the country’s largest free outdoor skatepark to downtown Des Moines.
    The show will feature over 40 artists( for […]

  • More Shin customs

    I know, I should do a toy of my own and not just do customs..
    But it’s just so fun customing Shin Tanakas papertoys, they are so wellplanned and brilliant so I just can’t resist.
    Here’s my latest customs.
    The Shoophy is a mash-up with Shins Hoophy and my Orange Goblin.
    Download here: 
    Shoophy (pdf) (790 downloads)

    St […]

  • 2012/11/26  by Stellan


    Yesterday Shin Tanaka released a pile of new colorful papertoys, Ws,
    and today I release my own custom Ws!
    Thanks to Mr. Tanaka for adding a blank template in the pack of toys!

    Get it here:
    St HellWs (832 downloads)

  • 2012/11/07  by Stellan


    I’m proud to say that my toy Orange Goblin got curated by Behance network and made it to the Toydesign Served page.
    See it here!
    Thank you Behance!

  • 2012/09/17  by Stellan

    House of St.Hellvis

    Dear followers and readers of the blog ‘I made this’, fear not, I just changed name and made a facelift!
    The new and more catchy name of the blog is ‘House of St.Hellvis’.

    — end of message—

  • The 666 special!

    Dear followers, readers and friends!
    Since my custom The Mexican has been downloaded 666 times since the release
    I now proudly give you a special editition of my custom, but only for 24 hours!
    Be quick! Soon it’s gone!

    Get it here: The 666 Special CLOSED!

  • 2012/06/12  by Stellan

    St.Hellvis on the Facebook

    Just started a brand new Facebook page, just for my papertoys.
    Feel free to like and comment your butts off!
    GO! -> https://www.facebook.com/sthellvis.papertoys