• More Shin customs

    I know, I should do a toy of my own and not just do customs..
    But it’s just so fun customing Shin Tanakas papertoys, they are so wellplanned and brilliant so I just can’t resist.
    Here’s my latest customs.
    The Shoophy is a mash-up with Shins Hoophy and my Orange Goblin.
    Download here: 
    Shoophy (pdf) (790 downloads)

    St […]

  • 2012/11/26  by Stellan


    Yesterday Shin Tanaka released a pile of new colorful papertoys, Ws,
    and today I release my own custom Ws!
    Thanks to Mr. Tanaka for adding a blank template in the pack of toys!

    Get it here:
    St HellWs (832 downloads)

  • Hello Mr. Vasarely!

    I´ve been working on this little custom project for a while.
    It’s, as you might see, a custom of Shin Tanakas Spiky Baby with artwork based on Victor Vasarelys art.
    Victor Vasarely was a hungarian artist who pioneered the Op-art movement.
    Shin Tanaka is the Maestro of Papertoys and one of my biggest inspirations.
    Check […]

  • 2012/03/20  by Stellan

    The mighty Shin

    In 2010 I was attending the Kimono Fusion exhibition at Världskulturmuséet in Gothenburg. It was a really nice exhibit where I first saw the works of Shin Tanaka.
    I tell you, it was love at first sight and when I came home I googled Shin and discovered the world of papertoys.
    Here’s some of my Shin builds, all but the Masked Hoody […]