• 2012/05/03  by Stellan

    The Mexican

    I liked [MCK]’s, Matthijs C. Kamstra’s, Revolvrr so much I decided to take it to another time and place.
    The original gun is a snubnosed little piece made as a part for another papertoy, it beats me which toy, but it’s a really cool thing!
    You can find this little papergem on his blog: HERE!

    My custom version of this […]

  • 2012/04/22  by Stellan

    What did you do in school today?

    I’ve runned a papertoy project in my artlessons for the fourgraders (10-11year old kids).
    Most of the kids loved it and it was very cool to see their creativity.
    I started out with handing out a bunch of blank templates from Papertoy adventures.com. (Rondo and Contender). After the kids painted and built their blank templates, they […]

  • 2012/04/18  by Stellan


    Meet Bubblegum, my custom Coobie.
    Coobie is originally made by ADMSXT from the french Paper Toy collective.
    Bubblegum is my contribution Call for artists – DIY project.
    You can get involved to, download blank template and more info HERE!
    Bubblegum is free to download and build!
    Get your own ten-eyed, grumpy, bubblegumcolored Coobie […]

  • 2012/04/14  by Stellan

    Mr. Chikyuu

    I made a custom of Toxic Paper Factorys Mr. Chikyuu.
    Mr. Chikyuu wants to travel the world, so this is a 8-ball Mr.Chikyuu from Sweden!

    Procyon, the creator and owner of TPF, allowed me to share my custom. Download it here:
    Shake me!
    If you want to make your own custom, contact Toxic Paper Factory here—> CONTACTPAGE!

  • 2012/04/03  by Stellan

    Prepare to be Stomped!

    It’s done! My first papertoy from my own idéa and design.
    Stomper is a battlerobot who crushes enemies under it´s big feet.
    The legs are a bit tricky to build cause of the many angles, but start from the top and you’ll manage just fine!
    If you would like to make a custom Stomper, comment below and add a mailadress and I&#821 […]

  • 2012/03/30  by Stellan


    My first toy!
    Bilpojken, Car-Boy, is a character from the sharp pen of Max Andersson. I have been a fan of Max Anderssons dark universe for years and I’ve read loads of his comics and seen several of his films.
    Bilpojken, Car-Boy; is an ordinary boy who lives with his parents, the only unusual thing about him as that his head is sha […]

  • 2012/03/22  by Stellan

    Why just make one?

    I was taking the bike to work, bicycle not Harley, and listened to a cool band on Spotify.
    This cool band have a cool name, so I got an idea for a cool papertoy!
    Now I have four different toyprojects and two customs going on at the same time…
    While you wait for some goodies to download, guess what band inspired me to the newest proj […]

  • 2012/03/21  by Stellan

    A face only a mother could love?

    Yesterday I started skinning Stomper.
    Found some cool pictures of attackhelicopters that had nice colors and details and I like photoshop!
    The head/body part turned out really nice, now for the legs.. Theire tricky with all the strange angles, but I think Stomper’s gonna be a cool toy!
    Of course I will post links to the templates so […]

  • 2012/03/20  by Stellan

    The mighty Shin

    In 2010 I was attending the Kimono Fusion exhibition at Världskulturmuséet in Gothenburg. It was a really nice exhibit where I first saw the works of Shin Tanaka.
    I tell you, it was love at first sight and when I came home I googled Shin and discovered the world of papertoys.
    Here’s some of my Shin builds, all but the Masked Hoody […]

  • 2012/03/16  by Stellan

    Howl’s Moving Castle

    No, I didn’t make this amazing papermodel. It’s just so cool that I have to post it.
    For you who aren’t familiar with the castle, it’s a model from the film with the same name (Howl’s Moving Castle) by Hayao Miyazaki. It just happens to be one of my favourite Miyazaki films..
    The model is from a book, now ou […]