• 2015/08/14  by Stellan

    Ciggy Artist Customs!

    It’s time to release this babies!
    Earlier I dropped Kawaii-Styles custom of my Ciggy, today I give you the “Dark Heart” Ciggy.
    Dark Heart Ciggy is made by the magnificent ABZ of OH-SHEET paper toys.
    Pay a visit to her page, she’s outstanding!
    I will follow up with two more Ciggys, just hang in there!
    You’ll […]

  • 2015/01/22  by Stellan

    Welcome to Mariestad!

    I’m holding a workshop in Mariestad on the 9th of February. This is also the opening date on my first little solo exhibition, also in Mariestad.
    I also release my M-Bot (Mariestad-bot) on this page at the same time.
    Time for the workshop, Monday 9 Feb 12:00-15:00
    at Vadsbo Museum, Mariestad Sweden
    The papertoyexhibition stands from […]

  • 2014/08/25  by Stellan

    The Ringmaster and the penguin

    Just released! My Ringmaster papertoy for the Urban Paper Collective‘s monthly Circus series. The Ringmaster is one of the more complicated papertoys I made with a lot of curves, so be patient when building it. This is an Urban Paper Exclusive toy and can only be downloaded from the UPC-page.

  • 2012/11/07  by Stellan


    I’m proud to say that my toy Orange Goblin got curated by Behance network and made it to the Toydesign Served page.
    See it here!
    Thank you Behance!

  • 2012/10/11  by Stellan

    Tomtarnas Sommarhus!

    Look what my dear wife found in the basement!
    The gnomes summer-house!
    Unfortunatly only one of two pages is left, so I guess you have to do with one house and a pig.

    I guess it’s from late seventies or early eighties, but I can’t keep this gem from you!
    Feel free to download and build a summerhouse, to keep the chilly fall a […]

  • 2012/09/14  by Stellan

    Orange Goblin

    I fell in love with the british stonerband Orange Goblin some time ago. Not just because of the music, but for the energy.
    Since they have a really cool name, I started to think of a hommage papertoy for ’em and here it is!
    The Goblin comes with a bonus beard, so you can decide for yourselves if you want it on or not.

    #galle […]

  • The 666 special!

    Dear followers, readers and friends!
    Since my custom The Mexican has been downloaded 666 times since the release
    I now proudly give you a special editition of my custom, but only for 24 hours!
    Be quick! Soon it’s gone!

    Get it here: The 666 Special CLOSED!

  • 2012/08/01  by Stellan

    Releasing some flowers to the world!

    Since the third issue of Paper People is over I now wanna release my customs for the rest of the world.
    Those of you who wheren’t in Pordenone can grab your own toy today!
    Here you go!
    My custom 3eyed bear : Flowerbear (pdf)!
    My custom H-Man :Flowerman (pdf)!
    My custom Mini BoxCan :Flowerbox (pdf)!
    I haven’t got a clue if […]

  • 2012/05/22  by Stellan

    Flowers for Paper People

    I made some customs for the third issue of Paper People, Pimp my paper toy,  a nice thing happening in Pordenone, Italy.
    The project is for raising cash to buy material to the youth department at CRO, a cancer research center.
    So, it’s for a good thing, but that means that you can’t download this, just look..
    If you wanna se […]

  • 2012/05/04  by Stellan

    What did those hippies do to my robot?!?

    Since Stomper Mk.I have been downloaded 100 times from my blog, (YAY!)
    I thought it was time to release Stomper Mk.II.

    Stomper Mk.II have been taken over by a group of hippies who dismantled and remade the robot into a groovy, dancing lovemachine!
    It was fun making a custom of my own model and I’ll promise ya a Mk. III later.
    Well, […]