• 2012/12/10  by Stellan

    Red tide rising!

    For all you who liked and DL’d my Orange Goblin papertoy, here’s a holiday special!
    The Orange Goblin X-mas special: Red Tide Rising.

    Of course you should have a look at Orange Goblin (the bands) video.

    To get your own hardrockin santa, click here: 
    Red Tide (zip) (732 downloads)

  • More Shin customs

    I know, I should do a toy of my own and not just do customs..
    But it’s just so fun customing Shin Tanakas papertoys, they are so wellplanned and brilliant so I just can’t resist.
    Here’s my latest customs.
    The Shoophy is a mash-up with Shins Hoophy and my Orange Goblin.
    Download here: 
    Shoophy (pdf) (764 downloads)

    St […]

  • 2012/11/26  by Stellan


    Yesterday Shin Tanaka released a pile of new colorful papertoys, Ws,
    and today I release my own custom Ws!
    Thanks to Mr. Tanaka for adding a blank template in the pack of toys!

    Get it here:
    St HellWs (808 downloads)

  • 2012/11/23  by Stellan

    Death Proof

    I like BoxZet papertoys and I like Tarantinos movie Death Proof.
    So I made a combo!
    Check out my newest custom:
    Get it at BoxZet’s page.

  • The 666 special!

    Dear followers, readers and friends!
    Since my custom The Mexican has been downloaded 666 times since the release
    I now proudly give you a special editition of my custom, but only for 24 hours!
    Be quick! Soon it’s gone!

    Get it here: The 666 Special CLOSED!

  • 2012/08/01  by Stellan

    Releasing some flowers to the world!

    Since the third issue of Paper People is over I now wanna release my customs for the rest of the world.
    Those of you who wheren’t in Pordenone can grab your own toy today!
    Here you go!
    My custom 3eyed bear : Flowerbear (pdf)!
    My custom H-Man :Flowerman (pdf)!
    My custom Mini BoxCan :Flowerbox (pdf)!
    I haven’t got a clue if […]

    2012/07/23  by Stellan

    Blank Stomper!!

    Since I’m not doing any paperstuff for the moment, YOU can do it!
    Customize my Stomper and send me the result! 🙂
    Adress to where you can send pics of your version and templates: stellans.iphone(a)gmail(DOT)com
    Download the blank templates here: Stomper BLANK (zip)

  • Hello Mr. Vasarely!

    I´ve been working on this little custom project for a while.
    It’s, as you might see, a custom of Shin Tanakas Spiky Baby with artwork based on Victor Vasarelys art.
    Victor Vasarely was a hungarian artist who pioneered the Op-art movement.
    Shin Tanaka is the Maestro of Papertoys and one of my biggest inspirations.
    Check […]

  • 2012/05/22  by Stellan

    Flowers for Paper People

    I made some customs for the third issue of Paper People, Pimp my paper toy,  a nice thing happening in Pordenone, Italy.
    The project is for raising cash to buy material to the youth department at CRO, a cancer research center.
    So, it’s for a good thing, but that means that you can’t download this, just look..
    If you wanna se […]

  • 2012/05/04  by Stellan

    What did those hippies do to my robot?!?

    Since Stomper Mk.I have been downloaded 100 times from my blog, (YAY!)
    I thought it was time to release Stomper Mk.II.

    Stomper Mk.II have been taken over by a group of hippies who dismantled and remade the robot into a groovy, dancing lovemachine!
    It was fun making a custom of my own model and I’ll promise ya a Mk. III later.
    Well, […]