• 2012/03/28  by Stellan


    The joy of being a sloydteacher is, with exception of all my nice students, the machinery!
    I have access to a load of good machines and tools.
    Some of my worktime goes to maintence, but that’s just fun!

  • 2012/03/24  by Stellan


    I love skulls! When I was a kid I drew skulls and when I grew up I bought t-shirts with skulls.
    Now I’m 40 and got a skull tattooed on my shoulder and I still draw skulls.
    Of course I made some skulls…
    Here’s a few.
    Silver, painted wood, lambbone

  • 2012/03/22  by Stellan

    Why just make one?

    I was taking the bike to work, bicycle not Harley, and listened to a cool band on Spotify.
    This cool band have a cool name, so I got an idea for a cool papertoy!
    Now I have four different toyprojects and two customs going on at the same time…
    While you wait for some goodies to download, guess what band inspired me to the newest proj […]