• 2013/05/31  by Stellan

    Spreading the disease!

    I held my first workshop for adults yesterday.
    My close to 60 colleagues in school was my guineapigs for this new experience, I showed off some of my toys, my homepage and then we built a couple of my customs.
    I chose my two Coobie customs, because they’re quiet easy to build and looks nice.
    The response was very positive! I hope I […]

  • 2012/04/20  by Stellan


    Couldn’t help it, I had to do another custom Coobie.
    Scetchy is made with my fingertips in Adobe Reader for iPhone. Not the best way to make a slick and nice toy, but fun anyway!
    Since the drawings wasn’t possible to save or mail in Reader, I had to take a screenpic and mail that to myself.
    The result, a rather crude, scetch […]

  • 2012/04/18  by Stellan


    Meet Bubblegum, my custom Coobie.
    Coobie is originally made by ADMSXT from the french Paper Toy collective.
    Bubblegum is my contribution Call for artists – DIY project.
    You can get involved to, download blank template and more info HERE!
    Bubblegum is free to download and build!
    Get your own ten-eyed, grumpy, bubblegumcolored Coobie […]