• 2015/02/08  by Stellan

    My first soloshow!!

    When you read this I’m in Mariestad, holding a papertoy workshop.
    I’m very proud to get the possibility to not only having a workshop but also launch my first soloexhibition in Vadsbo Museum in Mariestad.
    For this event I made a special custom of my ‘bot, the Mariestadbot.
    For you who can’t come, download and bui […]

  • 2015/01/22  by Stellan

    Welcome to Mariestad!

    I’m holding a workshop in Mariestad on the 9th of February. This is also the opening date on my first little solo exhibition, also in Mariestad.
    I also release my M-Bot (Mariestad-bot) on this page at the same time.
    Time for the workshop, Monday 9 Feb 12:00-15:00
    at Vadsbo Museum, Mariestad Sweden
    The papertoyexhibition stands from […]

  • 2014/10/22  by Stellan


    Retweet by Max Andersson in person!
    To me, this is huge!

  • 2014/09/04  by Stellan

    All we need is Elephriends!

    My first custom of Urban Paper Collectives platformtoy Elephriend has bin on the UPC page for some time, but will soon be removed from the UPC page.
    Elephriend is a sweet papertoy made by 3eyedbear from the UPC and I can’t help customing the charming little papercreature.
    Since there soon will be a new Elephriend on the UPC page I n […]

  • 2014/08/25  by Stellan

    The Ringmaster and the penguin

    Just released! My Ringmaster papertoy for the Urban Paper Collective‘s monthly Circus series. The Ringmaster is one of the more complicated papertoys I made with a lot of curves, so be patient when building it. This is an Urban Paper Exclusive toy and can only be downloaded from the UPC-page.

  • 2014/04/01  by Stellan

    April Fools Day!

    Today only!
    The April Fools Ciggy!
    Graphic design by Shin Tanaka, remodeled by me.
    Yes, Shin allowed me to use his AFD-sticker on this version of Ciggy.
    Thank you for that, Mr.Tanaka!
    Download it today! It will be gone tomorrow!
    Go here: AprilFoolsDay

  • 2014/03/12  by Stellan

    Hello! We’re the Ciggys!

    I hereby proudly introduce you to my new toy-series, Ciggy!
    Ciggy is a two-part toy. One part is body and the other is the head/insidebox.
    The Ciggybox is modeled after a standard cigarettepackage, and the idea is that this is a mix-and-match toy.
    I will come back with more bodies and boxes in the next series.
    The first series is all mine […]

  • 2014/02/25  by Stellan

    Stomper number four, The Medic

    The Medic was used during the WW3, in year 2145.
    Unfortunately most of the wounded got crushed under the rather clumsy machines feet.
    This made that the Stomper Medic was taken out of production pretty fast.
    Download your Medic here. HELP HELP!!
    For a more lively look at the Medic, go here: INSTAGRAM

  • 2014/02/20  by Stellan

    Blank Stomper!

    I finally fixed the blank stomper template!
    Stomper is my little lovechild and i would be very happy to see some other artist take the toy for a walz!
    Download the blank Stomper and have your way with him!
    Use whatever way you like to make a smashing Stomper of your own,
    when you’re done feel free to mail me a picture along with you […]

  • 2014/02/05  by Stellan

    I can’t believe I haven’t noticed!

    In August 2013 I released the Arnsbergbot in the Originals section on this page, what I didn’t know was that I screwed up the link and you who tried to download the toy only got the blank version!!
    Today a friendly papertoyhungry person gave me a heads-up on the issue and now I rerelease the Arnsbergbot in all it’s splendour!

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