2019/04/23  by Stellan


    I’m not completely gone.For the moment my Papertoy-section is under reconstruction.Check back soon!

    2016/09/09  by Stellan

    Why the silence??

    Hi friends!
    I’m sorry for not making any new paperstuff lately.
    Stuff is kinda complicated right now, but I will be back!
    Please take a look at my Facebook pages:
    St.Hellvis Papertoys
    Wood by St.Hellvis
    For the moment the Wood page is the most active.
    Thank you for your patience!

  • 2015/12/28  by Stellan

    When it rains, it pours!!

    Dropping another awesome artistcustom!!
    This Ciggy is made by the amazing Matacho!
    I’m damn proud to present this to you, so just go there and download it!!
    Get it!!
    More Matacho: http://www.matacho.com/

  •  by Stellan

    Falling. A new Ciggy custom by Zubak.

    My dear friend Marko Zubak made another custom for me!
    This time he put his creative hands on Ciggy. The outcome is awesome!
    A very arty, beautiful papertoy for you to build.
    Thanks Marko for this, it’s wonderful!
    Download and build!
    More Zubak: www.markozubak.com
    Marko’s Yebomaycu project: www.yebomaycu.com

  • 2015/08/27  by Stellan

    The first custom Stomper!

    I’m proud to release the first custom of my Stomper!
    This crazy version is made by the skilled Marko Zubak, also a fellow member of the UPC.
    Download and build!
    More Zubak: www.markozubak.com
    Marko’s Yebomaycu project: www.yebomaycu.com

  • 2015/08/14  by Stellan

    Ciggy Artist Customs!

    It’s time to release this babies!
    Earlier I dropped Kawaii-Styles custom of my Ciggy, today I give you the “Dark Heart” Ciggy.
    Dark Heart Ciggy is made by the magnificent ABZ of OH-SHEET paper toys.
    Pay a visit to her page, she’s outstanding!
    I will follow up with two more Ciggys, just hang in there!
    You’ll […]

  • 2015/07/25  by Stellan


    On the 1-2 August I’m in the Sauerland Museum in Arnsberg, Germany again!
    The Urban Paper exhibit and workshop has become a yearly meetup for the Urban Paper Collective and this year I’m in too!
    Last year I had other stuff to attend to but for this year I bring both paper and woodtoys.
    Hope to see you there!

  • 2015/04/14  by Stellan

    Back up again!

    I’m back after the page got hacked.
    Nothing is gone, nothing is new.I really can’t tell what someone wanted with my page, but now it’s back to normal again.
    Just a little more protected, my highly proffessional friend Jurva over at Jufcorp helped me with that.
    Thanks a lot! I love you and you know it!
    So you hackers out […]

  • 2015/02/10  by Stellan

    Pictures from the workshop and exhibition.

    Yesterday I held a loely little worshop to kick off my papertoy exhibition in Vadsbo Museum in Mariestad, Sweden.
    Here’s some pictures for those of you who didnt care to show up. 😉
    (Click pic for bigger view)
    Welcome to Vadsbo Museum!
    Ringmaster and Ninja Fingers
    All the Stompers!
    The Mariestad bot!
    The whole Ciggy-gang!
    F […]

  •  by Stellan

    Ciggy by Ivan Ricci aka Kawaii-style!

    Today I am proud to present my first Ciggy Artist Custom!
    The first one is customized by Ivan Ricci also known as Kawaii-style!
    If you have missed this fantastic italian designer and his wonderful creations you simply have to visit his homepage, Kawaii-style.net.
    If you snoop around on his page you will also find his Stereobot customized […]

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