• 2015/08/27  by Stellan

    The first custom Stomper!

    I’m proud to release the first custom of my Stomper!
    This crazy version is made by the skilled Marko Zubak, also a fellow member of the UPC.
    Download and build!
    More Zubak: www.markozubak.com
    Marko’s Yebomaycu project: www.yebomaycu.com

  • 2014/02/25  by Stellan

    Stomper number four, The Medic

    The Medic was used during the WW3, in year 2145.
    Unfortunately most of the wounded got crushed under the rather clumsy machines feet.
    This made that the Stomper Medic was taken out of production pretty fast.
    Download your Medic here. HELP HELP!!
    For a more lively look at the Medic, go here: INSTAGRAM

  • 2014/02/20  by Stellan

    Blank Stomper!

    I finally fixed the blank stomper template!
    Stomper is my little lovechild and i would be very happy to see some other artist take the toy for a walz!
    Download the blank Stomper and have your way with him!
    Use whatever way you like to make a smashing Stomper of your own,
    when you’re done feel free to mail me a picture along with you […]

  • 2013/08/25  by Stellan

    Happy Birthday Mr. Simmons!

    Today is gene Simmons birthday!
    As a hommage to this legendary rocker I present to you Stomper MK.III The Mean Gene Machine!
    You can download the Mean Gene machine in the Originals&Customs area. (http://www.sthellvis.com/originalsandcustom/)
    Happy birthday Mr. Simmons!
    More about Mr. Simmons at his homepage, http://www. […]

    2012/07/23  by Stellan

    Blank Stomper!!

    Since I’m not doing any paperstuff for the moment, YOU can do it!
    Customize my Stomper and send me the result! 🙂
    Adress to where you can send pics of your version and templates: stellans.iphone(a)gmail(DOT)com
    Download the blank templates here: Stomper BLANK (zip)

  • 2012/05/04  by Stellan

    What did those hippies do to my robot?!?

    Since Stomper Mk.I have been downloaded 100 times from my blog, (YAY!)
    I thought it was time to release Stomper Mk.II.

    Stomper Mk.II have been taken over by a group of hippies who dismantled and remade the robot into a groovy, dancing lovemachine!
    It was fun making a custom of my own model and I’ll promise ya a Mk. III later.
    Well, […]

  • 2012/04/03  by Stellan

    Prepare to be Stomped!

    It’s done! My first papertoy from my own idéa and design.
    Stomper is a battlerobot who crushes enemies under it´s big feet.
    The legs are a bit tricky to build cause of the many angles, but start from the top and you’ll manage just fine!
    If you would like to make a custom Stomper, comment below and add a mailadress and I&#821 […]

  • 2012/03/21  by Stellan

    A face only a mother could love?

    Yesterday I started skinning Stomper.
    Found some cool pictures of attackhelicopters that had nice colors and details and I like photoshop!
    The head/body part turned out really nice, now for the legs.. Theire tricky with all the strange angles, but I think Stomper’s gonna be a cool toy!
    Of course I will post links to the templates so […]

  • 2012/03/15  by Stellan

    Stomper Mk. I

    Sketching on a new papertoy..
    I looove robots!