• 2014/02/25  by Stellan

    Stomper number four, The Medic

    The Medic was used during the WW3, in year 2145.
    Unfortunately most of the wounded got crushed under the rather clumsy machines feet.
    This made that the Stomper Medic was taken out of production pretty fast.
    Download your Medic here. HELP HELP!!
    For a more lively look at the Medic, go here: INSTAGRAM

  • 2014/02/20  by Stellan

    Blank Stomper!

    I finally fixed the blank stomper template!
    Stomper is my little lovechild and i would be very happy to see some other artist take the toy for a walz!
    Download the blank Stomper and have your way with him!
    Use whatever way you like to make a smashing Stomper of your own,
    when you’re done feel free to mail me a picture along with you […]

  • 2014/02/05  by Stellan

    I can’t believe I haven’t noticed!

    In August 2013 I released the Arnsbergbot in the Originals section on this page, what I didn’t know was that I screwed up the link and you who tried to download the toy only got the blank version!!
    Today a friendly papertoyhungry person gave me a heads-up on the issue and now I rerelease the Arnsbergbot in all it’s splendour!

  • 2014/02/03  by Stellan

    The Drunkophant

    Just showing off the Drunkophant!
    It’s a custom of 3EyedBear‘s new platform toy, Elephriend.
    This, and more customs will be able to get through the UPC homepage soon!
    Stay tuned, friends!