2013/08/21  by Stellan

Urban Paper 2013

This weekend I’m in Arnsberg Germany for the Urban Paper 2013.

I’m bringing an army of wood- and papertoys.
For this event I made the Arnsbergbot, and a new version of Stomper (which I’m gonna tell ya more about on sunday)

The Arnsbergbot will be realeased on Friday (23/8) in Arnsberg and on Saturday(24/8) here in the Originals section!
As ususal it’s free to download!

The roster for the event:

3eyedbear (NL) – www.3eyedbear.com
[MCK] (NL) – www.matthijskamstra.nl
Marshall Alexander (NL) – www.marshallalexander.net
Alexander Gwynne (UK) – www.agpapertoys.com
Merrci (F) – www.merrci.fr
Tougui (F) – www.tougui.fr
Nick Knite (DE) – www.nickknite.com/blog
Cubeecraft (US) – www.cubeecraft.com/

and me St.Hellvis (SE) – www.sthellvis.com  🙂


More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/149764231868802/

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