• 2012/12/10  by Stellan

    Red tide rising!

    For all you who liked and DL’d my Orange Goblin papertoy, here’s a holiday special!
    The Orange Goblin X-mas special: Red Tide Rising.

    Of course you should have a look at Orange Goblin (the bands) video.

    To get your own hardrockin santa, click here: 
    Red Tide (zip) (758 downloads)

  • More Shin customs

    I know, I should do a toy of my own and not just do customs..
    But it’s just so fun customing Shin Tanakas papertoys, they are so wellplanned and brilliant so I just can’t resist.
    Here’s my latest customs.
    The Shoophy is a mash-up with Shins Hoophy and my Orange Goblin.
    Download here: 
    Shoophy (pdf) (790 downloads)

    St […]