• 2012/11/26  by Stellan


    Yesterday Shin Tanaka released a pile of new colorful papertoys, Ws,
    and today I release my own custom Ws!
    Thanks to Mr. Tanaka for adding a blank template in the pack of toys!

    Get it here:
    St HellWs (832 downloads)

  • 2012/11/23  by Stellan

    Death Proof

    I like BoxZet papertoys and I like Tarantinos movie Death Proof.
    So I made a combo!
    Check out my newest custom:
    Get it at BoxZet’s page.

  • 2012/11/13  by Stellan

    Got wood? (again!)

    I made a new wood mechabunny!!
    This time it’s Nick Knites Mechabunny baby, and I finished mine before he released his paperversion for download! Haha!
    That’s something for the future. For now you just have to wait for the new batch of mBuns, Mecha 6.5, that’s soon to be released at his site: http://www.nickknite.comAnyh […]

  • 2012/11/07  by Stellan


    I’m proud to say that my toy Orange Goblin got curated by Behance network and made it to the Toydesign Served page.
    See it here!
    Thank you Behance!