• The 666 special!

    Dear followers, readers and friends!
    Since my custom The Mexican has been downloaded 666 times since the release
    I now proudly give you a special editition of my custom, but only for 24 hours!
    Be quick! Soon it’s gone!

    Get it here: The 666 Special CLOSED!

    var hupso_services […]

  • 2012/08/16  by Stellan

    Head’s up!

    Tomorrow! My first timed exclusive papertoy!

    24 HOURS ONLY!!
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  • 2012/08/01  by Stellan

    Releasing some flowers to the world!

    Since the third issue of Paper People is over I now wanna release my customs for the rest of the world.
    Those of you who wheren’t in Pordenone can grab your own toy today!
    Here you go!
    My custom 3eyed bear : Flowerbear (pdf)!
    My custom H-Man :Flowerman (pdf)!
    My custom Mini BoxCan :Flowerbox (pdf)!
    I haven’t got a clue if […]